Windswell is a new passion project that I’ve created out of a combination of a few things. Wanting to do more logo/branding work, and a little bit of boredom too. I’m not sure where this brand is taking me but I think it’s at least taking me to screenprinting some t-shirts and having stickers made. My inspiration for the brand is simply growing up as a surfer on the east coast and loving old retro surf brands.

Healthshare Branding

Healthshare is a yearly conference that Healthgrades hosts. It brings healthcare professionals together from a variety of areas over the course of a few days and at a different location every year. The 2021 location is in Miami. We wanted to convey the vibe of Miami while still maintaining the serious mood that a healthcare conference has. I applied this branding to a variety of applications to showcase to stakeholders.

Masterclass by Healthgrades is a program where Healthcare marketers can learn about a topic from an expert in their field. The creative team at Healthgrades made branding for this ongoing series. I was tasked with branding an email, a landing page, and animating the video bumpers for Masterclass videos.