Matrix Experience

The Matrix Experience Page is a website I designed at Healthgrades. We wanted to create an experience that was interesting to click through and full of imagery to keep the viewer intrigued. The basic premise of the page is showing how we can help hospitals acquire, engage, and retain patients. After creating the wireframes I worked with the developer to execute what I had made.

Healthshare Branding

Healthshare is a yearly conference that Healthgrades hosts. It brings healthcare professionals together from a variety of areas over the course of a few days and at a different location every year. The 2021 location is in Miami. We wanted to convey the vibe of Miami while still maintaining the serious mood that a healthcare conference has. I applied this branding to a variety of applications to showcase to stakeholders.

Healthgrades Redesign

The Healthgrades redesign was meant to reimagine the current consumer-facing website. Stakeholders within the company wanted three different directions that they could show to developers and begin to redesign the website from the ground up.

One Pagers

This is a collection of One-Pagers I’ve designed at Healthgrades. These incorporate the Healthgrades branding and fit a message in a concise package.

23/25 was a personal project that examined how 23 coastal cities and towns changed over 25 years. I wanted to create something that went against the grain of corporate design. The cover is inspired by Brutalist Graphic Design and the layout of the book features choices that break standard graphic conventions.